“My son was part of the Mi Escuelita family for 2 school years and I cannot even begin to describe what a huge and positive impact the school had in our family. Not only was he lovingly nurtured and cared for by bright, energetic, and highly talented tios and tias, 2 1/2 years after his Mi Escuelita ‘graduation’, we are still friends with a community of parents and children from Mi Escuelita I would consider family here in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Mi Escuelita is just that, a family run pre-school that creates relationships for your child and cares for your family in ways immeasurable. I feel so completely happy and lucky to have participated in such an incredible pre-school. “

– Marina Trejo


“We love Mi Escuelita and it was our home away from home for seven years. Both of our daughters thrive(d) in its creative and nuturing atmosophere. All of the “tias” are colorful, artistic people, and eager to express their knowledge of child development through inspired art projects. Because Mi Escuelita’s values the importance of play, our kids have a natural, undaunted approach to problem solving.”

Megan and Clifford
(Parents to Clover 7 years and Poppy 3 years)


“My daughter Maiajune is in her 3rd year at Mi Escuelita. It has been a terrific experience both for her and for us. Mi Escuelita is like home away from home and has been a very nurturing learning environment. Maiajune adores her teachers a.k.a Tias. We will be sad to move on to Pre-K, but we will be ready because she has become very socialized and confident ( as well as somewhat bi-lingual), in large part due to her experience at Mi Escuelita. We will all miss Mi Escuelita, Thank You!”

– Seren Morey and Jody Brent


“I always tell people what a singularly lovely experience we had at Mi Escuelita. I did an extensive amount of research and chose Mi Escuelita for its culturally rich, substantive, well-thought out approach to early childhood development. My daughter, now 6, speaks Spanish, is performing at above grade level mathematics, science and art and I am absolutely certain this is due to her time with Yvonne’s school. Most importantly, she entered a lasting and loving community the benefits of which far outlast her preschool years. She always asks to visit her Tia and
Tios and we still have her art pieces on display in our home because they are, well, really good.”

– Heather, Mom to Ana age 6