Tia Yvonne

Yvonne Gonzalez, is an artist from Chile. She soon discovered her natural abilities with children and started working at Thompson St. Playgroup, in Soho NYC in 1995. Yvonne was the Head Teacher/ Director at Thompson St Playgroup for about 10 years before leaving to start her own school in 2005. Due to popularity and demand, Mi Escuelita opened another location (#2) a year later. Overall, Yvonne has over 20 years of experience in working with children and developing a curriculum that is based on language, arts, sciences, social interaction, and nature/environment.


    Tia Luz

Luz is a bilingual Colombian American who loves making an impact on children everyday. After over a decade of working in a classroom setting, her passion continues to grow immensely as she acquires limitless experience. She thrives on being a important piece of the Mi Escuelita family. Daily creating the best possible learning environment for all the Little ones is her ultimate goal in the classroom.


    Tio Diego (Yoga)

Diego is a teacher motivated by painting, theater, tai chi, yoga, sport, philosophy and nature. He’s been implementing his acting skills with children for 11 years. He was born in Chile and studied acting and pedagogical Theatre in the  Universidad Catolica de Chile. His main goal is to awake the talents and tools of each individual child.


    Tia Gabriela

Gabriela Alvarez Castañeda. Originally from Guatemala started teaching ballet in 2004 instructed by Reyna Silva in the methodology for Formal and Non-Formal Classic Dance developed by Tulio de la Rosa. Her professional performing experience includes classic, folk and contemporary dance. she co-created a Certificate Program in Performing Arts and confounded an Association for Research and Education of Performing Arts with an interdisciplinary group of artists in Guatemala.